June, 2003 ~ Spotted Jelly, Mastiglas papua, photographed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

January, 2005 ~ Sanderling, Calidris alba. I’d attended a choral retreat at the Marin Headlands in northern California, and saw this gorgeous little bird on an early morning walk.

March, 2017 - The bank of Copeland Creek, on the Sonoma State University campus.

Ziplining Through the Redwoods

Guess who went on an adventure today? (If you guessed, “Wendy,” you would be CORRECT :D). Eclipse and I took his dad ziplining in the redwoods as a belated Father’s Day gift. Except that at the last minute (after we arrived at the site), Eclipse decided he wasn’t up for it, so K and I... Continue Reading →

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Looking for a fun way to spend the day, Connor and I made the two-hour drive to Monterey, to visit the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. This fit in well with the fact that we'd been watching "Finding Nemo" lately. One of Connor’s favorite parts of the film features the jellyfish forest, so our first... Continue Reading →

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