About Me

~ University Lecturer ~ Public Speaker ~ Evolutionary Biologist ~ Ecologist ~ Herpetologist ~ Naturalist  ~ Photographer ~ Musician ~ Writer ~ Gamer ~ Mom ~

Travel and nature photography are two of my lifelong passions, but up until now I’d never been able to settle on an appealing and practical way to showcase my photos and travel stories. Then I remembered that I have access to this thing called the internet. :D

Here Be Dragons is a place for me to collect all my adventures and favorite photos, along with the highlights of the birds and wildlife I’ve seen along the way. While I don’t have any travel plans on the horizon at this time, I will be adding lots and lots of posts and photos about places I’ve gone in the past, so there will be new content on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures! 

~ Established March, 2017 ~ 


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